Character Sketch: Daniel, the Tiny but Inevitable Destruction of All Things

Name: Daniel, the Tiny but Inevitable Destruction of All Things (yes, that really is how he introduces himself)
Race: Gnome
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Wizard
Age: 38
Height: 2’ 11”

Appearance: Daniel has light-brown skin and is short even by gnome standards. His bright, blue eyes twinkle with mischief. He replaced his boring brown hair with a continual flame spell, but that’s usually covered with a cap that matches his wizard robes, which are dark red and covered in arcane and religious symbols.

Family: unknown

Personality: Life is worth living, no matter how long
Ideals: Destiny comes for the weak and the strong
Bonds: So eat well, drink deep, find love, and make friends
Flaws: Because, in time, I will bring the end

History: Daniel was found abandoned at the door of a church in the Dukedom of Caertien; he doesn’t look like any of the local gnomes, so his parentage is a complete mystery. The clerics took him in and gave him a name derived from Daneir, the god of writing. His upbringing left Daniel with an unwavering moral compass and a deep reverence for all the good gods.

His life took a sharp turn when a traveling prophet visited his home church and delivered dramatic news: the world is going to end, and Daniel will be at the center of it. The exact wording has been lost (or hidden), and Daniel himself was too young to remember the details. But it’s no surprise that everyone treated him differently after. Some began to fear him; a few were drawn to the promise of danger. But most deny that the prophecy will come true, choosing to ignore the reliability of the prophet’s other predictions and the many religious texts that talk about the inevitable death of the world.

For Daniel’s part, even at such a young age, he was an optimistic, upbeat boy and considered every day of life a gift. After all, his parents could have abandoned him in the woods instead of leaving him with people who could be trusted to give him a good upbringing. The prophecy did little to dampen his spirits. Growing up in the church meant he saw a lot of funerals, so he understood that, in the end, everyone dies. He believed that it didn’t matter how long a person’s life was. The important thing was making the best of the time you have.

Still, it’s hard to make friends in the best of times, let alone when you’re the foretold bringer of destruction (and Daniel never shied away from telling people his destiny). The clerics who raised him were always kind, but he found it difficult to find and keep friends his own age. There weren’t many gnomes in the Caertien region, and human children matured twice as fast as him. It wasn’t until he was nearly 30 (still merely an adolescent by gnome standards) that he found a real, lifelong friend in Jezeryn. The youngest child of the local duke was one of those who didn’t (and still doesn’t) believe in Daniel’s destiny. But that just meant there was nothing standing in the way of his infectious positivity winning her over.

Not long after meeting Jezeryn, Daniel began to discover his temporary calling (until that whole end-of-world thing happens). Possibly because of his destiny or his ancestry, he found that he had an aptitude for the arcane arts and especially for evocation, the magic of energy. Joining the clergy was his obvious but boring choice, but the idea of becoming a wizard and eventually an adventurer appealed to him. He looked forward to the excitement of danger and the opportunity to travel the world and spread his message.

Daniel was somewhat worried that his unusual destiny would make for a difficult transition when he joined the wizard college. But really, it was a college full of wizards; he didn’t even break the top ten percent of strangest people studying there. His incredible intelligence saw him through a smooth education, and he left only recently to begin his life as an adventurer.

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