Adventure Hooks in the Wild: The Rose Window

The old cathedral had been locked up for the last four months, according to the townsfolk.  Ever since “the Incident.”  Of course, no one in town will say what the Incident was.  Only that there was an Incident, and occasionally an aside about the bishop, but when pressed for details the townsfolk evade and end the conversation.  The mayor of the town is new, recently arrived from the capitol to help with recovery, and not even he knows what exactly happened.  He can tell you, however, that the light in the rose window began appearing about a week after he arrived, which would have been around three months back.  No one in town will open the sealed cathedral to discover the source of the light.  The sheriff quit on the spot when the mayor tried to force the issue.

So now you have been hired to discover what is causing the light.  You have the heavy brass key that will allow access to the east alley along the cloister, which will be your path into the cathedral proper.  The door to the east alley is the only access that was not sealed with pitch.  When asked why this door was left unsealed, the mayor says that the deacon – the only surviving clergyman from the Incident – insisted one door be left accessible.  When you ask to talk to the deacon, the mayor shakes his head, and informs you that the deacon took his own life last month.

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