Monster Hunter World: How to Choose Your Weapon

There are 14 different weapons in Monster Hunter World, all of which have a completely different playstyle and combo set from the others. And since Monster Hunter is a strange, difficult world full of complexity and unusual mechanics, it’s a good idea for new players to choose one or two weapons and stick to those until they’re more comfortable with the game. Although I haven’t played World, I did play Monster Hunter 4 and Generations. Both of those games had the same set of weapons as World, and I used every weapon (except heavy bowgun) on many fights in those games. So here’s everything you need to know to choose the perfect weapon for you.

The Lance lets you be casually invincible while practicing the deadly art of acupuncture.

The Gunlance isn’t a gun and isn’t that similar to the lance. You might contemplate this mystery, but you’ll be too distracted by the—no joke—four different kinds of explosions that you can set off in the monster’s face.

The Long Sword is for people who want to swing around a giant sword and look kind of anime.

The Switch Axe is for people who want to swing around a giant sword and look extremely anime.

The Great Sword is for people who aren’t into all this anime nonsense and just want to stare a monster straight in the eye before slamming into it with a piece of metal the size of a surfboard.

The Hammer is just a boulder that’s bigger than you are tied to the end of a stick. You will use this to beat in a monster’s head until it literally sees stars.

The Hunting Horn is like the hammer, but with slightly less head-beating and slightly more dancing. Your teammates will love your dances, trust me.

The Sword and Shield gives you all the options. All of them.

The Dual Swords have one option: slice faster.

The Insect Glaive looks down on all those other poor, earthbound weapons with pity. It also comes with your very own probably-not-parasitic bug friend!

The Charge Blade has mind-meltingly complex combos that, if mastered, provide Ultimate Power.

The Bow, unlike the other ranged weapons, has unlimited ammo, despite the fact that arrows are clearly larger that bowgun shots. How does this work? Who knows. Also, you have a move called the Dragon Piercer, so that’s neat.

The Heavy Bowgun was invented when someone was told to go hunt a monster the size of a house, and his response was to grab a ship’s cannon. Props to that guy.

The Light Bowgun is…um… Look, it’s  hard to be sarcastic and jokey about what is basically just “gun,” OK? It’s fun and has a bunch of ammo types and you can drop regenerating land mines.

Keep in mind that every weapon is good and fun, so there’s no wrong answer, and you can switch it up at any time.

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