TCG News: Extra Life 2018– Worked Like a Charm!

Another Extra Life is in the books, and our third event went even better than last year’s in just about every way I can think of. We had very few technical hiccups, for example, and what issues cropped up were promptly and skillfully handled by our tech crew, Ed and Kay, who generously donate their time, equipment, and expertise each year for our Game Day. Thanks again, guys, as always, you were fantastic. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We wised up this year and remembered Game Day fell over daylight savings time, so we did a twenty-four hour marathon instead of twenty-five like the last two years. It turns out that we were blessed enough not to need the extra hour to demolish our fundraising goal! The first year we raised just under $600 for Seattle Children’s, beating our goal of $500. Last year we upped the goal to $1000 and raised $1051. This year, the goal was $1500 . . . and as of the writing of this article, we’ve raised $1862!

Wow! I can’t thank everyone enough for making our Extra Life this year a resounding success. We had a lot more help this year, so I’ll start there: special guests and allies of the Guild, Russell, Courtney, Bridger, and Zoriah, thank you so much for coming to play games with us! Having a few more hands allowed everyone who wanted to to get a little sleep, which helped a lot, I think. It made everything so much more fun to have you there with us, so thanks for coming!

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Also, special thanks to the Rooster Teeth Community! Thank you so much for featuring us on your Community Stream again from 4-5pm Pacific Time on November 3rd. We played Chrono Trigger, and SilverKoA reported that the hosts were charmed with our choice of game, happy that we shared such a classic that so few modern gamers have seen.  They even complimented our voice acting. We’re glad you liked it! It turns out that among the top fifty Rooster Teeth players The Cartographers Guild was the 4th highest individual contributor to the Rooster Teeth Super Team goal, and the 12th highest team contributor! We’re honored and proud to have done so well for the kids this year, and grateful to be a part of the Rooster Teeth Community.

Speaking of the Silver Knight of Awesomeness, or SilverKoA– otherwise known as my sister Chiara– thank you! She’s the field member of the Guild; she doesn’t live in the Pacific Northwest with the rest of us, but she’s always ready with ideas and help, and often keeps an eye on the chat room while we’re streaming, answering questions and providing links to content. She, like some of our other guests, flew out for the Extra Life stream this year to help out. Silver did a great deal of chat room moderation during the marathon, especially during the Rooster Teeth segment, which was quite busy!

On her behalf I would also like to thank faithful viewers Gombar1234 and Livincor. Silver says you were super helpful during that Rooster Teeth hour, answering questions and making sure viewers knew how to find our channel so they could keep watching our stream after our Rooster Teeth hour was finished, if they liked. We’re so glad to have you as part of our community, thank you for helping us out!

I’ve talked about the people who donated time and effort, but all our work wouldn’t be worth much without our donators. The biggest thank yous go out to all of you! We have lots of family and friends who support this effort every year, and an increasing number of fans who do the same, and we’re so grateful for you all! I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to know you’re all cheering us on and helping us help the kids.

Because of our awesome donators, we hit every milestone this year, so you have a Super Festive Holiday Stream to look forward to, as well as a Kingdom Hearts history lesson with our own expert, Brad (and probably at least Chiara, I can’t imagine her missing out on that!). We have some great pictures of Josh’s Magical Princess Makeover . . .


. . . and I imagine we’ll make sure Russ’ Magical Princess Leg Waxing makes it onto our YouTube channel. Maybe in fast forward? We’ll figure it out. We’ll also not mess with what works . . . it turns out our viewers loved torturing us with the Wheel of Calamity!

And of course, there’s no way the top tier reward, The Cartographers Guild Chorus Line starring audio guy Ed, isn’t going to find its way onto YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

Also, after we finish Assassin’s Creed Odyssey . . . we get to finish Chrono Trigger! Through multiple endings! You have no idea how happy you’ve made me, people. Chrono Trigger is my favorite game!

So as you can see, it was a magical and productive experience for all of us . . . and the magic isn’t over yet! Soon, we’ll be announcing the winners of all those raffles, for T-shirts, the Metal Gear hat, digital video game codes, and more! Also, if you’d still like to donate (did I mention your donation is tax-deductible?), Extra Life is taking donations until the end of the year. Thank you all again for your encouragement and support. See you next year . . . and every Tuesday on our Twitch channel, because we like to play games even when we aren’t raising money for charity!

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