Love-Hate Relationship: Xenogears

Well, I had some minor surgery Thursday. Don't worry, so far I'm sore, but fine! I started researching this article before the surgery, hoping I could get it done beforehand. Well, that didn't happen. It must be the lingering . . . whatever they gave me for anesthesia that makes this article continue to sound... Continue Reading →


Adventures of a Lady Gamer: The Trial of the Gamer Mom

Whatever your favorite hobby is-- music, hiking, travel, cooking, etc-- if you become a parent, you probably hope your kids will share it with you, or at least be interested in it. Perhaps you dream of practicing instruments together for their orchestra or band class, or dancing together to get ready for that upcoming talent... Continue Reading →

Gotcha Force and Storytelling

I usually don't care about stories in video games. I play games for the gameplay, and a laughably bad story can sometimes be as entertaining as a good one. That's not to say that I don't recognize game writing as an art-form, but it's not the thing that draws me to games. However, a few... Continue Reading →

Final Thoughts: Secret of Mana Remake

If you've been watching The Cartographers Guild stream lately, you know we played the recent remake of the SNES game, Secret of Mana. I wrote an article on the original game for my Favorite Video Games series, in fact, as soon as I heard about the coming release of the voice-acted, 3D remake. Now, a... Continue Reading →

Late to the Mod: Skyrim Romance, Part 2

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Bethesda Games Skyrim Romance Modder: Mara (and her minions) Released: December 2015 (Original), December 2017 (3.1) Played: March 2018 Welcome back, dear readers! It is now time for Part 2 of this modding adventure, where we look into the content and play of Skyrim Romance, the (in)famous mod that brings... Continue Reading →

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