Flights of Fancy: Dragon Warrior, Part 3

Wow, I'm getting more likes on my fanfics than I ever have on the thirty-some-odd articles I've written for this site! Is that a hint? Because if you want stories, people, I've got stories. This one's lasting longer than I thought, and I'm loving it. My biggest fan (my sister) has somehow managed not to... Continue Reading →


Flights of Fancy: Dragon Warrior, Part 2

Well, that sister of mine has quite an impressive memory, it turns out. She was thrilled at my first article in this series, and even remembered the name of the ancient fanfic that inspired it! I have resolved not to read it again until I'm finished with my Dragon Warrior flight of fancy, but Gwaelin,... Continue Reading →

Flights of Fancy: Dragon Warrior

You know, it's funny. I've done a lot of gaming-themed writing for this website over the last year and change, but it's all been articles. It never occurred to me to write creatively until Drea posted her short story about the inspiration for The Cartographers Guild name. I used to do a lot of creative... Continue Reading →

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