Storytime: Why “The Cartographers Guild?”

People have asked, more than once, why we chose "The Cartographers Guild."  After all, we're not really map makers.  I mean, Josh and I make our own maps when we're running game, but it's not the unifying factor in the group.  The truth is, the name came from an idea Josh had for a comic... Continue Reading →

Life as a TroubleGMR: Friendsgiving

Tomorrow, I will go to my sister-in-law's house for Thanksgiving, and it will doubtless be wonderful. I married a great guy, and his family is just as awesome as he is. BabyGMR will run around with her cousins, who she is starting to be more interested in as she gets a little older, us grownups... Continue Reading →

Character Sketch: Vreni of Gray Spire

Name: Vreni Race: Half-Elf (?) Alignment: Chaotic Good Class: Bard Age: 26 Height: 5’ 7” Birthday: Unknown, but typically celebrated with the first snow Appearance: Bright, sparkling, and soft as new fallen snow.  Fair skin that looks like it has never known daylight, white-blonde hair like arctic sunbeams, and eyes the cool green-blue of the... Continue Reading →

D&D Character Sketch: Jezeryn Cyneric

Name: Jezeryn Cyneric (Jezzie to her friends) Race: Human Alignment: Lawful Good Class: Fighter Age: 22 Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 165 lbs Birthday: December 7th (Sagittarius) Appearance: Tall and notably muscular, but not intensely so, attractive with long, bright red hair, green eyes, and pale skin that sees as much of the sun as it... Continue Reading →

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