80s and 90s Gamer Windfalls: Crystalis

The Wikipedia article for Crystalis, an NES game published by SNK and released in the US in 1990, calls the game "a cult classic." I'd agree with that. It's not Final Fantasy or Zelda big, but the people that love this game, love it, and I'm among them. This is one of those games that... Continue Reading →


80s and 90s Gamer Windfalls: Conquest of the Crystal Palace

One of the things my parents did really well was encourage my sister's and my individuality . . . extra important, because I'm an identical twin. They exposed us to all kinds of things, and if we displayed an interest in something, they tended to be really supportive. As with all siblings, sometimes our interests... Continue Reading →

Final Thoughts: Secret of Mana Remake

If you've been watching The Cartographers Guild stream lately, you know we played the recent remake of the SNES game, Secret of Mana. I wrote an article on the original game for my Favorite Video Games series, in fact, as soon as I heard about the coming release of the voice-acted, 3D remake. Now, a... Continue Reading →

Late to the Mod: Skyrim Romance, Part 2

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Bethesda Games Skyrim Romance Modder: Mara (and her minions) Released: December 2015 (Original), December 2017 (3.1) Played: March 2018 Welcome back, dear readers! It is now time for Part 2 of this modding adventure, where we look into the content and play of Skyrim Romance, the (in)famous mod that brings... Continue Reading →

Late to the Mod: Skyrim Romance, Part 1

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Bethesda Games Skyrim Romance Modder: Mara (and a small army of voice actors and helping modders) Released: December 2015 (Original), August 2017 (3.0) Played: March 2018 So it’s pretty awesome being the Dragonborn.  Yes, there is the uncomfortable responsibility of saving Tamriel from Alduin, the World Eater, but you have... Continue Reading →

Alternative titles for Mass Effect: Andromeda

Hello again, dear readers.  Let’s continue our “pick on Bioware” series with a little discussion about the last installment in the Mass Effect franchise.  On the off chance that anyone from Bioware were to read this blog, let me reiterate that they are my favorite developer, and my absurdly lofty dream-job would be to get... Continue Reading →

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