First Week: Anthem

Anthem is a looter shooter that combines the third person shooter experience with the action role playing experience, to varying degrees of success. Taking place in Bastion, a country lacking in details on an unnamed planet, the name Anthem refers to the Anthem of Creation, a supernatural force of unknown power and origin that feeds dangerous relics and creates strange beasts. You play a Freelancer, a sort of mercenary that pilots a Javelin, a suit of power armor that allows you to fly and battle the dangers of Bastion, and the factions that would try to harness the Anthem for themselves.

80s and 90s Gamer Windfalls: Crystalis

The Wikipedia article for Crystalis, an NES game published by SNK and released in the US in 1990, calls the game "a cult classic." I'd agree with that. It's not Final Fantasy or Zelda big, but the people that love this game, love it, and I'm among them. This is one of those games that... Continue Reading →

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