Life as a TroubleGMR: Friendsgiving

Tomorrow, I will go to my sister-in-law's house for Thanksgiving, and it will doubtless be wonderful. I married a great guy, and his family is just as awesome as he is. BabyGMR will run around with her cousins, who she is starting to be more interested in as she gets a little older, us grownups... Continue Reading →

TCG News: Extra Life 2017– I’m Making a Note Here . . . Huge Success!

Wow. Just . . . wow. Have I mentioned lately that I love being a gamer? Being a gamer is so much more than just playing games. It's so much more than getting online or out to the game shop or on the phone to find other people to play with. The gaming community is... Continue Reading →

Alternative titles for Dragon Age II

We recently experienced a death in the family.  Okay, not really, but my desktop computer is dead and we're awaiting the arrival of a new processor before cannibalizing my system and building a new machine.  This means I've been on my laptop - a fine machine for writing (and it's also quite shiny and pretty),... Continue Reading →

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