TroubleGMR’s Playing: FF XIV: The Palace of the Dead

If you read my last article, you know I got back into FFXIV recently and noticed I had some catch-up to do when it came to my character's item level, the thing that would allow me to play higher level dungeons, which is probably my favorite part of the game. Luckily, the catch-up wasn't as... Continue Reading →

Life as a TroubleGMR: Star Wars

NOTE: It's been less than a week since The Last Jedi came out, so, in the interest of fairness, there will be NO SPOILERS for it in this article. From the time I was a little girl, ever since I can remember, I've always liked things people would consider nerdy, including Dungeons and Dragons, many,... Continue Reading →

Character Sketch: Vreni of Gray Spire

Name: Vreni Race: Half-Elf (?) Alignment: Chaotic Good Class: Bard Age: 26 Height: 5’ 7” Birthday: Unknown, but typically celebrated with the first snow Appearance: Bright, sparkling, and soft as new fallen snow.  Fair skin that looks like it has never known daylight, white-blonde hair like arctic sunbeams, and eyes the cool green-blue of the... Continue Reading →

Late to the Game: Transistor

Transistor Supergiant Games Released: October 2014 Played: May 2017 Are you looking for something different?  Do you like games with stunning and vibrant graphics?  Do you like mysterious sirens wielding greatswords that would make Cloud Strife feel inadequate?  Then ladies and gentlemen, I recommend “Transistor”. The second offering from Supergiant Games, “Transistor” is an isometric... Continue Reading →

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