Flights of Fancy: Dragon Warrior, Part 5

Well, here we are! I've mostly tended to be very accurate in this story to the Nintendo game Dragon Warrior, but Gwaelin's homecoming is finally where I fudged a little bit. I mean, carrying her right into the throne room, filthy and disheveled? How undignified! I think no one will mind a little added romance.... Continue Reading →

Flights of Fancy: Dragon Warrior, Part 4

Sometimes stories write themselves. That's not so much to say that it comes effortlessly as it is that they go in a direction you weren't expecting. For example, I was expecting to wrap this story up, but I think it'll need one more chapter. Also, I had expected for there to be more dialogue, but... Continue Reading →

Flights of Fancy: Dragon Warrior

You know, it's funny. I've done a lot of gaming-themed writing for this website over the last year and change, but it's all been articles. It never occurred to me to write creatively until Drea posted her short story about the inspiration for The Cartographers Guild name. I used to do a lot of creative... Continue Reading →

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