Happy New Year!

It’s a new year!  Full of opportunity!  Sorry, I was channeling Marcus for a minute there.  All right, focus, back on track.

2019 has seen itself out, and 2020 has slid in like the fresh-faced new kid in an anime who’s so excited to be thrust into whatever insane adventure awaits them.  2019 was a quiet year for the Guild as an entity, though each of its members saw a lot of change and at times it was a rough ride.  We’re still here, though, still playing games, and with luck still entertaining at least five of you.  Maybe 10?  Am I pushing it?

Anyway, we don’t really have a firm plan for 2020 other than, “keep going.”  If we all make it through January intact, maybe that will change.  I wanted to put something fun up for the new year, though, so I poked around the Guild House and asked people what their 2020 Gaming Resolutions were!

Josh would like to finish one game a month.  Like, personally, not on the stream, the games we play on stream take longer.  However, his Steam library just keeps growing, and those games aren’t going to play themselves.  He’s currently charging his way through Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr.  The heresy is heavy here, brother.

Leah would like to start playing games with her Little Gamer.  Little Gamer is charging through her toddler years, and getting to the point where the two of them could start on some fun, simple things.  Leah would also like to start doing old school NES streams, either solo or with Agent Silver.

Brad did not have a resolution, though other members of the Guild suggested that his resolution should be “Play something other than Path of Exile.”  Brad has informed us that he does, in fact, play other games, and it’s our fault for not paying attention if we don’t know that.

As for myself, I resolve to finally – finally – start a solo stream.  Even if it’s just once a month, even if it takes me half the year to get there (it might).  I have been wanting to play through either the original Mass Effect trilogy (modded, because why suffer if I don’t have to) or through the Dragon Age games (again, modded) because man do I have opinions and comments on both of those franchises.  And much love, don’t get me wrong, but aren’t we always hardest on the ones we love?

I hope you all have a great year.  Whether 2019 was a walk through the park or a slog through personal battlefields, you made it.  We’re all here on the other side.  And whatever your past year was like, I hope the new one is better and brighter.

Drea, Guild Bard


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