TCG News: Extra Life 2017– I’m Making a Note Here . . . Huge Success!

Wow. Just . . . wow. Have I mentioned lately that I love being a gamer?

Being a gamer is so much more than just playing games. It’s so much more than getting online or out to the game shop or on the phone to find other people to play with. The gaming community is powerful and benevolent, giving and hardworking, and willing to go the distance. We are kind, resilient, and inspired. We care.

The Cartographers Guild just finished our twenty-five hour livestream (thank you, Daylight Savings Time for the extra hour, that was a rough hour) last weekend for Extra Life, to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I’m sure you think playing tabletop and video games for twenty-five hours straight probably isn’t hard work . . .

OK, you’re probably right. It’s not physically strenuous. But I can tell you now with absolute certainty that it is not easy! And what a twenty-five hours it was!

I feel like we improved on every single metric from last year’s performance. We only had one technical hiccup toward the end of the stream, and that may not even have been on our end. Transitions were better, game choices and the amount of time devoted to each were better . . .

And we practically doubled what we raised last year! Last year we raised just under $600. This year, as of this writing, we’ve raised $1,051!

By the way, we’re taking donations until the end of the year! If you missed the stream and want to donate, you can do that at our donation page. You can also see what you missed on our Twitch channel, or on our YouTube channel, once we’ve cleaned up the stream a bit and broken it into segments.

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Naturally, we have a lot of people to thank for our incredible success.

A huge thank you to Rooster Teeth, who featured us in their community stream from 5-6 pm PST on November 4th. We started Trauma Center: Second Opinion, complete with Cartographers Guild-supplied voice acting for them, and I have to say the Rooster Teeth community is super awesome! I don’t have access to all the analytics yet, but I am quite certain that being featured on their channel was a huge boost to our viewership and donations received. And we have more than a few new friends and followers as a result as well, which is also amazing! The Rooster Teeth folks said, on air after our segment, that we “totally rocked it.” They loved our setup and our content. What a great compliment!

One of these lovely Rooster Teeth viewers, by the way, helped us reach the proper milestone specifically to assure that we’ll be playing the rest of Trauma Center: Second Opinion for you (if we didn’t reach the mark we’d have stopped at the end of the three hour block for the marathon). We hit every one of our milestone goals, ensuring the eventual production of some Cooking Papa skits (a spoof based on a cosplay costume of Josh’s about the game Cooking Mama), and segments of Video Game Karaoke, where Brad, Drea, and I will sing some of the video game themes close to our hearts for you. Oh, and Josh shaved his beard. I haven’t seen him clean-shaven since high school. It’s kind of crazy.

But back to the thank yous. Many thanks to our incredible tech guys, Ed and Kay. They have all the amazing equipment you saw in the stream, and are kind enough to donate their time and expertise during our D&D Live sessions and Extra Life. We couldn’t have done it without you, guys. OK, we could have . . . but it would have looked pretty blah in comparison!

Thank you to our friends and families who never fail to impress me with their support. Many of them tune in during the stream and donate, and I’m so grateful to know they’re watching and encouraging our efforts.

Thank you, on a personal note, to SilverKoA, our honorary member and chat moderator, proofreader, and biggest fan. She was in the chat for a huge chunk of the marathon, helpfully putting up links to the donation page, providing summaries and answering questions for people who jumped into the stream. You are a never-ending source of enthusiasm and support, sister. Thank you so much.

And thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who watched and/or donated! Extra Life made The Cartographers Guild a reality last year, as you may have read in my last article, and it makes me so happy to know we’re part of a caring, motivated community of people that want to put their time and effort into raising money for sick children.

A lot of people think gaming is just about goofing off or passing time. Some people think it’s a downright waste of time, that there are so many better things gamers could be doing instead of playing their games, “alone in front of their TVs.” Some more benevolent skeptics just smile and shrug. They don’t understand why we do what we do with our free time, but they think we’re probably just harmless shut-ins who don’t really hurt anybody.

Instead, as a community, we’re giving back. We’re making the world a better place to live in. We’re contributing to the health of the people who will live in it tomorrow.

So the most important thank yous go to Extra Life, the organization that’s making all this into a reality . . . and you. Thank you, gamers. Thank you.

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