TCG News: Extra Life 2018– Third Time’s a Charm!

Two years ago my friends and I started The Cartographers Guild project, where my fellow Guildies and I stream the video and tabletop games we like to play on Twitch, mostly full plays of story-driven role-playing games with lots of plot analysis. And riffing, lots of that too! The point of the Guild is to make our audience feel as if they were right there on the couch with us; we always invite you to pull up a seat, grab a drink and a snack, and hang out as we experience and create some great games and stories together.

Once a year, though, we turn that interaction dial up to max in a twenty-four frenzy of gaming glory. If you’ve been around for the last two years we’ve been streaming, you know where this is going! It’s time once again for the most awesome fundraiser you’ve ever seen, folks, the event that started it all for The Cartographers Guild.

It’s time for Extra Life! Once a year, gamers around the world unite to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. For us, that’s Seattle Children’s. Since it began in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $40 million for sick and injured kids with the help of over 100,000 gamers just like the ones in The Cartographers Guild.

The action starts on Saturday, November 3rd at noon Pacific time and goes for twenty-four hours. Last year that was pretty tough! But this year, for our third Extra Life, we’ve got some special guests coming in to help!

It’s all bigger and better than last year, actually. We’ll be playing video games, board games, and have two separate tabletop role-playing sessions! There are even more giveaways and prizes than last year, including a ton of digital game codes up for grabs, and the brand new Wheel of Calamity . . . which I’m actually pretty excited about even though it’ll probably mean more gross lattes for me to drink or whatever other torments Drea comes up with. That’s entertainment! All the information is in our YouTube Extra Life announcement as well.

Last year we raised over $1000, which was really exciting; it was almost double what we raised our first year. This year, we’re upping our goal to $1500. Please join us, and spread the news. The Cartographers Guild is back again on our Twitch channel for Extra Life for the third year running, and while we love donations (and you’d go right here to do that, if you’d like to!), we’d also love to have you stop in for a day of entertainment and prizes for a great cause. See you on Game Day!

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